Kirk is the son of a Hindu priest, and as a young man, he followed the Hindu tradition together with his family. Shortly after the Lord saved him in 2003, he went to study at a Bible institute in India and then returned to Nepal to begin a church plant in an unreached village where he now pastors.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born in an orthodox Hindu family, and since my father was a devout Hindu priest, he never tolerated people who tried to talk to him about Jesus, and neither did I. As I grew older, around 17 or 18, I began to think about my condition. Where am I going to be after death? Is there any life after death? These questions always bothered me, and yet I could never get any answers.

One day I went to my brother-in-law’s house to see if he could help me find a job. He is a pastor, and while I was there he began to talk to me about Jesus. It was through Him that I came to know more about Christ as he told me about our sin and our need to be forgiven. He told me that if we believe in Him we will have eternal life. I was very interested in the things he told me, so I started going to church with him.

Ever since I was a child, I was always unable to speak in front of people. Whenever I had to speak or even interact with others I became very nervous and shy. However, when I started attending the church, the people were very kind and slowly I began to speak and get close with them. I kept attending the church and in 2003 I gave my life to Christ and placed my trust in Him as my Savior and Lord. From that day I started to grow in the Lord and in the joy and the hope of eternal life in Christ.

Then I began to spend time with the leaders of the church and attended every meeting that the church had, and one day I was asked to share from the Bible in one of our smaller meetings. While studying and learning from my pastors I grew in my understanding of His Word and in my ability to teach, and my desire to serve Him in the ministry and to work for His Kingdom continued to grow.

Over time, the Lord confirmed my calling to serve as a minister of His Word for His people and He gave me a great burden to share the truth of the Gospel with lost people. My pastor encouraged me in my calling and he helped to grow and learn to minister well to God’s people. He encouraged me to study in a Bible institute and I was able to spend nine months preparing and learning in a Bible training school in India.

When I had finished the Bible training I returned home and began serving in the ministry. After a few months, I left my home and went along with my pastor to begin a work in another town in Nepal. When we arrived there were no believers. Slowly, as we started doing ministry, God started adding to his people. This was a very difficult time for us, especially financially to manage our daily needs, and we constantly faced threats from non-Christian people. We had no support in our ministry, but in spite of hardship God gave us boldness to work for His kingdom. The Lord has since blessed me with a wife and a daughter, and I am now serving as the pastor of the church. Please pray for my ministry and my family.

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