Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God we all are fine and I hope you all are fine too. This month I have stopped to teach from the book

“One True God,”

because I am teaching on baptism. I am teaching them how baptism relates to the gospel. I am teaching them these things after the worship services. In God’s grace we celebrated Christmas joyfully. The church of Tahoon, Jalpa, Siluwa, Ghorli Kharka and Karna Dada celebrated Christmas together. I preached the sermon from Matthew 1:18-25; Christ born into this world to save the sinner. I encouraged to believers not to rejoice only in Christmas, but to rejoice throughout the year because of what he has done for us.

I have been visiting to Mr. Nir. Please pray for him. I have given him a copy of the Scriptures to read. I am spending time with him and guiding him in these things. But He is also being influenced by Pentecostal believer. He recently shared that he is willing to take baptism. I asked him the reason why he is willing to take baptism. He told me that he wants to take baptism to receive salvation. I asked him from where he got this idea. He told me that one of the Christian brothers in the village told him this. I told him that baptism doesn’t give salvation, but we partake in baptism because we have believed in Christ and have already been saved. We looked at the Scriptures together. I told him not to listen to other people, but just to see the Scripture. Now he is clear on this issue.

In Nepal, many have to travel for work. Some husbands leave their families for long periods of time. For example, Mrs. Tuma is our church member. Her husband was abroad working. Many times I tried to visit him, but was never able to meet him. On Saturday he came to church with his wife. After the church service, I shared the gospel with him. He told me that he has already received baptism while away. I asked some questions to him about his salvation, but he was not able to tell me what the Scriptures teach. It is obvious that he does not understand the true gospel. Please pray as I teach him the truth.

Please pray for Mr. Luman’s family. His grandson was hit by a bus and died on the spot. His name was Amrit. He was one and half years old. This happened two weeks before Christmas in-front of my house. The baby’s mother fainted on the spot. My wife took care of her, and I went to police station with brother Luman. The family is in much pain. Please pray as I continue to help comfort them.  

Once again, thanks to God for everything that He has done for us.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for baptism classes. Please pray for the new people. Please pray for Mr. Nir. Please pray for Mr. Luman and His family, especially to her daughter in-law. May God provide more leaders and workers for His mission. Please pray for me, and the ministry.


Kirk C.