Greeting to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. In God’s mercy, we all are fine and I hope you all are fine too. In the grace of God the weekly church services are going well. As I continue to work through God’s attributes with our congregation, I recently taught about God’s Omnipresence. I taught about God’s presence everywhere (Ps. 139: 1ff). This has great implications for all people. I encouraged the believers to be aware of this truth, and trust Him wherever we go. We should live a godly life as we are always in His presence.

After the church services, I am visiting new people and sharing the gospel to them. Many are taking interest in gospel, and some have attended the fellowships. In Jalpa church, I am teaching about evil- and the reality of fallen man from Paul Washer’s book. The people must understand that fallen man is in the bondage of sin, if they are going to feel their need for freedom in Christ.

In this month, I had the privilege to attending the seminar at Kathmandu. Brother A. taught us about

“Church Government”

He taught that the church is the body of Christ, and Christ is the Head of the church. He also taught about the differences between the local church and the universal church. From this seminar, I learned many things, and also discovered many weaknesses too. I repented my failures and pray for help to do His ministry according to the Scripture. I am trying to do my best to do His mission according to the teaching that I have learned. Please pray for me.

We continue to have fellowship twice a month at Gabu Dada, for the elderly people who can’t attend the church because of their health and age. This is a mountain area and physically unable to attend. I am focusing on gospel with the other village people who are joining in meetings. Though they have not responded yet, they are becoming quite close with us. It is my prayer that God would bring them to know Christ.

Once again I would like to give thanks to God for His grace for guiding me to know His truth and also to do His ministry. I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your love and support. May God bless you!

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the new people who are attending the services. Pray for the people of Gabu Dada village, for there is a group of false teachers in this village. Please pray that God would protect them from false teaching. Pray for me, that I may do hard work and be faithful in the ministry, for His glory.


Kirk C.