Daniel Commentary

HeartCry missionary Costel Ghioanca pastors Adonai Church in Bucharest, Romania. He continues to be involved in various ministries including seminary teaching, radio ministry, conference speaking and writing books. His newest release is a commentary on the book of Daniel.   This month, Costel shares some of the events that he participated in:                                            

I continued to counsel our church members. They are always in need as they face various challenges. For instance, I had to talk to a young family who is passing through hardships. They don’t understand why they are experiencing health problems and they ask where is God in all these circumstances. Sometimes they are tempted to believe that God doesn’t love them or that He doesn’t care. I had to take them through the Scriptures and show them that God is in control, He loves us and he continues to work in spite of our weaknesses. They have been encouraged and we prayed together for perseverance in faith.

On March l4th some youth from our church and I went to visit the Baptist Church in Pucioasa. Nicu Vulpe invited me to speak about the Theological and Philosophical Challenges that the Church of Christ Faces, not only in history, but also today. So, I went there to speak with some youth from our church. They need to know other young people and to establish new relationships. It is very hard for the youth, especially when they are in small churches. They have energy and need friends and a larger perspective on the Kingdom of God. The youth who went to Pucioasa enjoyed our trip and they asked me if I would make similar projects again.

Moreover, on March 21st we had a special meeting on parenting. We invited some friends of ours to come and speak on this topic. They are trained and have experience in raising kids. We touched both raising children and teenagers and I believe the meeting went very well. It was an interactive meeting with Q and A sessions and my feeling was that we didn’t have enough time to cover everything. People have many questions, and it is very possible that we will organize another meeting soon in the future.

We believe that we need to stay strong during this pandemic. We see that the families in our church need friends and pastoral advice. So, we opened our home for visits. We had seven families visit us this month, most of them from our church. We had a meal together, prayed, and strengthened our relationships. We don’t want people to feel alone during such times. So pray for us that we will be able to continue to help the young families in our church.