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In a recent email update and video call with ‘Lucas A,’ he shared some extremely encouraging news about their gospel work and the growth of the church in Afghanistan. Here are some of the highlights:

Online Ministry
‘Lucas A’s’ team manages several media sites in Dari, including a website, Facebook pages, and YouTube. Some are strictly for gospel proclamation and others deal with apologetics issues. In the last 3 months, they have seen over 500,000 visits to their media platforms! 

More significantly, 1500 downloaded the Bible or their eBooks in the Dari language. Almost 400 engaged in social media conversations about the Bible and Christianity. The media team answers common questions like: Is the Bible corrupted? Do Christians worship 3 gods? What is the Trinity?

Afghanistan Feature

In addition, ‘Lucas’ continues meeting online with house-church leaders on a monthly basis, and with leaders of the house-church network on a weekly basis.  These meetings are times of biblical instruction, prayer, encouragement, accountability, and mentoring.

New Converts and Churches
Of course, some of the most exciting statistics have to do with new believers, baptisms, and new churches. In the last 3 months, ‘Lucas’ has received reports from the house-church network leaders that over 100 people have professed faith in Christ. 51 of those have demonstrated a credible profession and followed Christ in believer’s baptism. Equally exciting, 7 new house churches have been started since January in provinces across the country!

Preparing for More Persecution
Even as church leaders in Afghanistan see a season of uncommon gospel interest and fruitfulness, growing storm clouds darken the horizon. There is apprehension about the proposed withdrawal of peace-keeping troops, and the prospect of increased control by the Taliban. It was quite sobering to hear ‘Lucas’ speak, in a matter-of-fact and non-sensational manner, of how the Afghan believers are preparing to suffer even more for their Lord.

Please pray for these precious saints, for physical protection, spiritual growth, and sustaining grace.