Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in His name. I hope you are doing well in the Lord. I am both thrilled and humbled to share with you how God has faithfully and graciously been dealing with us in building His Church in this part of the world. It might not seem like much, but in a country where darkness prevails, and there is little growth, seeing these new signs of life in Christ are amazing! We rejoice in the Lord greatly!

A God-Given Conviction for Baptism

I have recently shared about a young man, who is struggling in professing his faith before his parents. He recently has moved to another state for his further studies. I have been in contact with him over the phone every week. He is away from his parents, which means he now has the freedom to read his Bible and even to sing gospel songs freely. He has shared with me how joyful he is now. He also has been attending a nearby church where he stays and has started meeting with friends once a week for fellowship.

One fine Sunday, he called me up and told me that he is attending baptism class. Oh! That was a joy to my ears. We had a long conversation that day on the significance and privilege of baptism and the need to stand for Christ until the end. We praised God for this great work He has done.

Here are some ways you can please continue to pray for him;

  • That God would also grant him the strength to profess his faith before his parents as he is getting ready to profess his faith before the world.
  • Though he wants to get baptism from the church he is attending, although he has some concern about the health of the church and its preaching. Please pray for wisdom to make the right decision on this matter.
  • Also, for the salvation of his family.

A Sister in Need of Prayer.

Another sister has been attending our fellowship for the last two months. She is the only convert in her family. Her parents, especially her mother have been scolding her for going to the fellowship. She loves the Lord and is willing to take up her Cross for Christ and follow Him at any cost. We are praying for her and encouraged her to keep pressing on for Christ and His cause.

Please pray that;

  • She will keep pressing into Christ, trusting Him even more in this season of her life. Being a woman adds more pressure here in this region.
  • That God will open doors granting her freedom to serve God and for her family’s salvation.
  • Pray for us, for wisdom to encourage her and to stand alongside her.

Progressing Evangelism Work.

A brother from our fellowship brought one of his friends to us for evangelism purposes. We are very encouraged to see how our fellowship has been blessed by people whose lives are being shaped by the Word. I and a brother have shared Gospel with him. We could see the Lord’s work as he expressed concern for his life. We are praying regularly for him, and ask for you to pray as well. Please pray for the Spirit’s work of salvation. Please pray that God in His grace would open more doors and possibilities to meet with him again- and others with whom we have shared the Gospel.

Lastly, thank you all so very much for your continuous support which is your labor of love – love for the lost souls, for God’s people, and God’s glory by standing alongside us for the Gospel cause here in this part of the world. May the grace and mercy of our Lord be richly multiplied to you all.