Sunday Worship In Nueva Esperanza

As I think about the time I have had up to this point preaching the gospel in Nueva Esperanza, many different thoughts come to mind. I think about the many hard times, sometimes experiencing discouragement. I think about the many struggles as we have sought to work for His glory in this city. For a long time, we did not see growth in numbers as a congregation. Some people who were a part of our church walked away and other members moved to a different city. The growth in our church was a slow process.

Why do I think about all of those things? Because now that we are at the point of reaching nine years of preaching here in Nueva Esperanza and after many years of experiencing the faithfulness of God toward us, I am reminded that laboring for Him is never in vain. 

We are now experiencing a time in our church when more families and visitors are coming to hear the gospel of God. Many of those who visit have continued to attend. This has been the fruit of the prayers of the brothers and sisters and also the result of the evangelistic efforts of our church on Fridays and Saturdays. This month we had to purchase fifteen new chairs because we no longer had enough for the people attending. God has brought this growing interest about through the preaching of sound doctrine.

We have now begun a study for those who are seeking to be members of the church. We have meetings with them on Thursday nights. Our church is in constant prayer that God would add to His church as He saves more people, according to His good desire.

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