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It is incredible how the Lord works when one is exposed to His Word. It does not matter if one is of one nationality or another. We see many who come from charismatic, Pentecostal, Baptist, Reformed contexts, etc. In the end, the Holy Spirit through the Word, not only has placed in everyone the same desire to know Him as He has revealed Himself in His Word, but also, and is what is truly wonderful, is actively molding hearts that, for years, have pursued erroneous doctrines, or traditions, conforming them to the image of the Lord. Regarding such a miraculous transformation, there are really no words when the power of God is displayed. I remember Paul’s words to Timothy in his second letter, “You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them” (2 Tim.3: 14). Paul calls Timothy to persist, to stand firm through thick and thin, in teaching the Word of God and in the good testimony that he, as well as other faithful people, gave him. Timothy had to stand his ground teaching God’s Word, for the following reasons:

  • Because the Word was being twisted, upsetting the faith of the believers (2Tim.2: 16-18).
  • Because it should be useful to the Lord. Timothy was to trust that God is in control of his Church, but He was to be useful to the Lord, teaching his Word (2Tim.2: 19-23)
  • Because God could save even those who twisted his Word (2Tim.2: 24-26), for that reason he had to preach it with meekness and kindness.
  • Because he had to be faithful to the call of God. And it is that, although the times in which he had to live and serve the Lord were dangerous (2 Tim.3: 1-9), Timothy had to be faithful to the call to preach the Word in the midst of that opposition (2Tim.3: 10 -13).
  • And for those reasons, Timothy had to stand firm in the teaching of God’s Word that he had learned (2 Tim.3: 14).

In the same way and for the same reasons, we must persist like Timothy in teaching the Word whether from the pulpits of the churches, or from any other sphere of the same or outside of it, Bible schools with children or adults, in prayer meetings, in men’s or women’s meetings, in counseling or in our dealings with the unsaved, or in any other area. Sometimes we stand against the wind and the tides of tradition or the customs of other countries, of erroneous doctrines or of conflicting positions. Whatever the situation, let us preach the Word, let us be useful and faithful to the Lord, His work, as the Lord is saving even those who contradict Him.

We firmly believe that this course is part of the Lord’s purpose in this new stage as a church because He is shaping it according to his Word.
Dear brothers and sisters, thank you very much for reading my letters, for your selfless help, and for your love for us. My wife and I are doing very well thanks to God, and thanks very much to you also for praying for us as a family.

Miguel Burgazzoli