Evangelistic Outreach

HeartCry missionary Sandu Deac and his wife, Greta, have relocated to Harsova, Romania. Having been led to oversee a church planting work, they are happily established in a spiritually needy region not far from the Black Sea. This month, Sandu shares of a recent evangelistic outreach that he and a group of HeartCry missionaries conducted in his local area:

Church: Harsova, Ciobanu, Garliciu                                      City, Country: Dobrogea, Romania

I have the joy of greeting you again this month! I’m grateful to the Lord for his blessing and grace! We got infected with Covid in August and it was good for us that we all got sick at the same time. We’ve got over this, praise the Lord! For this reason, we had to isolate ourselves for about three weeks. We started working again on September 5th. Our main activity this month was to get to know this area and to interact with the people living here.

I had a meeting with a group of believers from the village of Bălcescu, which is 50 kilometers away from us.

We did street evangelism this month. I had the joy of being helped by some of the HeartCry missionaries. We made teams of two or three persons and we shared the gospel with those who were willing to listen to us. We passed out many gospel tracts and New Testaments. Most of the people were open to talk to us, but we also got rejected.

I was impressed by the attitude of the Turks. I met two men and a woman. When I started talking to them about Jesus, they insisted to tell me that they were Muslims. I spoke to them about sin and about the way in which Jesus solved this problem. In the beginning, they refused to take the New Testament, but after I talked to them, they took it gladly.

Most of the people we talked to seem to be interested in salvation and they were apparently sincere in the discussions we had. Many of them said they would like to come to church, but nobody showed up the following Sunday. This was a good opportunity for me to find out more about this town, about the church and about the way in which this community had been ministered to. May God have mercy on us and bless us!

May God bless you and keep you in his grace!