Testimony of Conversion

Before fourteen years ago I was a Hindu. After finishing my 10th standard exam I started involving in politics. I was very much interested in politics and became a key leader of Nepal Communist Party in district level. After involving in politics, what I came to know from Communisms, there is no God. But in my heart and mind, I used to think that who made the universe? How do these planets rotate on time? Who created me? Why I am exist in this world? Why we die? I couldn’t get answers of these questions. I had no peace in my heart though outwardly I look joyful. Our whole families were under the bondage of Satan. Every year in my family, one of the members used to die. My grandfather, grandmother, younger sister, mother, my two sons and daughter died within a gap of every one year. Later on, my wife faced a problem of headache and backbone. She became too much weak and at that time I was also sick because of tuberculosis and became so weak. My weight was 65 kg and came down to 48 kg. I thought that, life is very short and I would no longer live. I had already known something about Christ but I used to think that Christianity is foreign religion. I didn’t show any concern those who told me about Christ. I was not interested. I had never thought to follow the true living God and had no desire. While I was sick, a pastor came at my house and told me about Christ. He told me that, in His hand there is life and death. If you believe in Him, He will uphold your life. Then he prayed for me. I started thinking, so far in my family most of the members were died and we are going through pain all the days, months and year. I thought let me try and taste about Christian God. Whether there is power in Christian God or not?  Then I started attending a church meeting. God changed my heart and I felt joy in my heart which I had never experienced so far. Matt 9:13 “For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners,” this word encouraged me a lot. Before what I knew from Hinduism that “destroy the sinners and save the righteous people.” I found just opposite. I came to know that Christ came to save the sinners. How marvelous love God has done for us through His son Jesus Christ. I was thinking only on physical heeling in Christ but more than that I came to know that, He is our spiritual heeler and in Him our sin is forgiven and we have everlasting life. God by His grace enabled me to grow in His grace and I realized His calling for His work. I left my political leadership and started involving in ministry. God assigned me to shepherd a flock in a local church. But in course of time, I faced a lot challenges financially. In the midst of difficulties God by His grace allowed me to stand firm in His faith and work of His kingdom. I was confident that I have received a marvelous gift from God which was a great joy for me. 

Call to Ministry

 I continued my ministry and by God’s plan I had privilege to join with HeartCry. I thank God and the HeartCry for the support for my family and ministry which is a great help for me to work for His kingdom. Now I am doing pastoral ministry in a local Church called Emmanuel Church, Bindravan along with my family. Please pray for my ministry so that I can serve His people faithfully. Pray for the church members where I am serving and also pray for my family.   

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