Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The weekly church services are going well. I am preaching from the book of James. I am teaching them not just to believe, but also the expression of faith in good works. In the grace of God they are growing in the Lord.

I would like to give thanks to God for giving us biblical truth. In our past, we were wondering without true teaching and used to do hard work without knowing anything. But our God is gracious and He will not leave His children without His truth. He provided us HeartCry. I would like to thank HeartCry for your biblical teaching, providing us the books in our own language, and supporting us in different ways. May God bless you and your mission work.  

In this month I visited sister Mrs. Buddhi. I visited this family because of some confusion in doctrine. Her husband was following an elder who was confusing them. In the grace of God, I met with her husband as well. Her husband told me that RCN was following false teaching therefore, this elder left the group. I had to explain to him the truth. He asked why we do not have close fellowship with other churches. I told him that many churches in Nepal say they are Christian, but evidence suggests that they are not born again Christians. I told the true gospel to them and encouraged them to follow the biblical truth. Mrs. Buddhi is attending the church but her husband is not. Pray that the Lord would guide this family in His truth.

I had written about Mr. Sewa in my previous report. He is attending the church regularly and growing in the Lord. I am sharing the gospel over and over and encouraging him to keep his faith in the Lord. He is reading the Bible and attending the cottage meetings, and participating in other church activities. May God guide him to know Him and may he believe in the Savior. He is also looking for his life partner. I hope that God will provide him.  

Once again thanks to God for His provisions for our life and also thanks to HeartCry for your love and care. God may bless you.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the believers who are still confused in our faith. Pray for Mr. Sewa for his life in Christ and for his life partner. Pray for Mrs. Santa and Mrs. Kamala who are very old and both of them are widows. Often, they are getting sick and the church is looking after their medical needs. Please pray for our youth to evangelize more. Please pray for me and my family and the ministry.


Greg P.