Greetings. In the grace of God, I am preaching from the book of James. I preached about the true faith- which is followed by good deeds. Those who say that they are Christians and have faith in the living God, should proof their faith by their deeds. Those who say that they are Christian and don’t obey God, is like a devil. From this message I encouraged believers to be a true believer and to be a witness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our God is faithful that He supplies our needs in His due time. So thanks to God for giving me such an opportunity to learn His Word through brother J.S. and brother Jimmy Li. Brother J.S. taught about the qualifications of the elders and about missions. It was a challenging conference for me. May God lead me to serve Him faithfully. Brother Jimmy taught about marriage and family and women’s role in the church. The conference was very effective. We had many confusions regarding marriage and therefore had many issues in the churches. In the grace of God, many questions in my heart were solved with this conference. The topic regarding about women’s role in the church was very relevant topic for us. We are surrounded by Charismatic churches, and many have women pastors. From this conference we saw God’s order of creation and the headship of man. Though it will take time to change the concept of the believers, it is my prayer that God may help them to understand and accept the truth.

In the grace of God, I and some church youth, are visiting to the weaker believers. We are visiting them and encouraging them to grow in the Lord. We are also visiting the sick believers and supporting them. In this month we visited Mrs. Kamala. She is very old and alone. We went there and encouraged her to continue her faith in Christ. She is under treatment. Our church members showed generosity to her in this difficult situation. If she needs more treatment we are planning to pay her medical charge from local church. May God supply her needs.

Once again I would like to give thanks to God for His wonderful mission plan among us and supplying our needs. I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your serving heart to extend His kingdom. God may bless you.

Prayer Requests: Thank God for healing to Mrs. Santa mother and also thanks for your prayer. Pray for Mrs Kamala’s health and also her faith in Christ. Pray for Miss Gungara. She has stone in her kidney and she is under the treatment. Pray that God would help me to understand biblical teaching, so that we all the believers may grow in right teaching.