In a follow up to a previous article, we wanted to share this beautiful photo of Lucy being baptized by Pastor Joshua Lungu in Kasama, Zambia.

In his most recent update, Pastor Lungu shares about some faithful men who are such an encouragmenet to him:

“Our Saturday morning meetings have been a great encouragement to our men in the church. For two years and six months, the men in Shalom Baptist Church, Kasama, have been meeting every Saturday at 7am. We have been going through ‘the content of the Gospel.’ Amongst these men we have a very dedicated man by the name Mr Philimon Mfula. He is a believer and his love for God’s word is inspiring and he will do nothing without prayer. In addition, he is part of the leadership team and leads Bible studies, prayer meetings, and does song-leading and preaching. From the onset of these Saturday meetings he has been consistent in attendance.

What is astounding is that he comes from Lukupa, an area that is 10 kilometers away from our meeting place. He has no vehicle, so he spends K20 ($2) on transport every Saturday. In the same way, with his family of five, they come to church on Sunday at another cost of K100 ($10). He is currently farming and running a business, though he had been a missionary before. We are praying that God will graciously direct and open opportunities for his future in terms of ministry. Mr Mfula and his family have been a great example of faithfulness. For instance, in Africa, where keeping time is not a norm, the Lord has been so gracious to the Mfulas – they are always punctual every Sunday, without missing any services, though they travel from far. (Philimon also helps Pastor Lungu with translation for his weekly radio preaching – photo above.)

From the same men’s meeting is a young man by the name of Emmanuel Miti, whose attendance has also been regular. He is coming from a background of having been deep in sin, where there was no restraint in him to do what was wrong. He could go to church, but had no regard for God’s word. He was his ‘own man’ and making a lot of money through dubious means. With money at his disposal he could do anything!

But one day, as he sat in church hearing the word of God being preached, Emmanuel could not believe what he heard. He thought the message was directed at him. As the message continued, tears poured from his eyes. After the service he knew that his life was no longer the same. He had backslidden and now, like prodigal son, he had come back home to Jesus Christ. His growth in the knowledge of God’s word has been outstanding. His contributions in the Bible study speak mountains regarding his growth spiritually.

Seeing the change in character and conduct, his old mates wondered what had happened to their friend. We have always reminded him to tell them that Christ has happened in his life. He is currently in the leadership team and often does song-leading in church (above). For a new church plant like ours, it is a blessing to have people like him. Thank God for this dedicated young man, who is always available to serve in the vineyard of God. Furthermore, he has demonstrated a passion for lost souls, and care and love for the saints. It has been very encouraging and inspiring to see this young man grow; this is indeed God’s handiwork, praise and glory to Him.”