Dear Friends,

We just finished having a prayer meeting in our home. This is a meeting that we have each week with our fellow missionaries. Except for today, there were two guests. 

The first guest will be with us for three months. Julio, HeartCry missionary Francisco’s younger brother, has come to our city from Timor Leste to study English. He’s preparing to move to the US to study in a Baptist seminary for a master’s degree. While he’s here, he’ll be studying each week at an English language center, as well as studying written English theological literature with me. He’ll also be worshiping with us at our local Baptist church. Please pray that God would prepare Julio for theological studies and to become a leader in the church in Timor Leste. 

The second guest was my Muslim friend. I typically teach him English on Tuesday mornings. But, I forgot to contact him and let him know that our weekly Tuesday afternoon prayer meeting had been moved to the morning. So, he showed up right when we were beginning the prayer meeting. He decided to stay and participate in the meeting, part of which was discussing James Montgomery Boice’s book Foundations of the Christian Faith.

Throughout the study, my friend had questions about Christ’s identity, what Christians believe about God and other common questions that Muslims have. The questions gave all of us a wonderful opportunity to answer his questions and also clearly explain the Gospel and how God has worked throughout history to redeem a people for himself. We talked for almost two hours about these things. My friend has heard the Gospel several times before, but never at this depth and from so many people. Please pray that God uses the truth communicated to him to change his heart. Pray also that God uses the book he was given (Firm Foundations in his language); pray that he would be stirred to inquire more about Christ’s true identity.