It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus. I would like to give thanks to Almighty God for his grace and mercy and guiding us to grow in Him and in His knowledge. It is also my thanks to HeartCry for your guidance and teaching through various ways which is leading us to know the teaching and helping to do His ministry. This is my joy to share the works of God of this month.

In my previous report I had mentioned about Pastor Rajandra Paswan. I am visiting him constantly. I am telling the true teaching which I am learning from HeartCry. Pastor Rajandra had misunderstood about baptism and making people Christian. This problem is not only with him but this is the problem of churches in Nepal and we too were in same situation. We used to do sinner’s prayers and baptize the new people without any biblical knowledge and make them Christian. Many people are invited to come to church because of their sickness and give the baptism to them and make them Christian. I told him about the true transformation and it comes from only God through His grace and mercy. I am also telling about the true gospel, God, sinful man, Christ etc. Pastor Rajandra is very happy to know the truth and now he is telling this truth in his local church.

In my church the believers were misunderstanding about “love.” They used to understand that love is to be silent at all time. They used to think that if someone does mistake or wrong it is better to be quite and not to say anything to the person who is doing wrong. If the children do wrong, we should not rebuke but need to forgive and love to him/ her because God is love and he forgive our sins. I taught them form 1 Cor. 13:6 and told that love doesn’t rejoice in wrong doing but rejoices with the truth. I told that God is not only love God but He is also judge. The believers are very happy to get this teaching in their life. Let God may help them to apply in their life and may bring glory to God.

Sincerely, Ram B.