HeartCry Missionary Society began supporting Pastor Jian W. in China in June (2016). Pastor Jian planted a new church and is faithfully teaching God’s word to the people and caring for the flock. In Pastor Jian’s most recent report he shares how God has added new converts to their body. For security reasons, a penname is used for Pastor Jian and the pictures of the baptisms are blurred.

I baptized 10 Christians last Sunday. Their ages ranged from 28 to 74. Some of them became Christian a few months earlier and others have been Christians for a few years. They first shared their salvation testimony individually and how they have changed and afterwards they expressed how they become a Christian to the church; some in tears.

However, we have asked four candidates to delay baptism as we felt they have not fully understood the gospel. We have asked them to learn more first for one more year before we baptize them. After the baptisms, we partook of the Lord’s Supper. It was a blessed day for the new body of believers.

We desire your prayers that God will bless us to grow in His grace and the new disciples will mature in the faith. Also, pray that God will continue to give us boldness to proclaim His word and live holy unto the Lord. Also we ask that you beseech God so that He will provide us with protecting us opposition and persecution. God bless, Pastor Jian