We continue disciplining those brothers and sisters who are showing consistency and perseverance. We are very grateful to God for allowing us to see changes in their spiritual lives. One example is our brother Miguel, who now loves to read the Scriptures, something which he did not do before. There is the case of our brother Bretner, who before had no interest in corporate worship or prayer. Now he is a faithful attender. He has learned to rest in God and he is a true servant. Then there are our brother and sister Saul and Magali, a married couple who used to struggle to participate in our services. They now are active participants. Likewise there are our sisters Saragoza and Dorita who are faithful at our services, as are some new believers like Karina and her sister Rosa. Rosa was shy and said very little at first, but she is now participating. In this way, beloved brothers, our church growing spiritually.