Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all are doing well by God’s grace and I hope that you all are fine there. This is my ministry report for this month.

By God’s grace, weekly church services and cottage meetings are good. This month, I visited to Mr. Kal. He has gone through many medical treatments and also witch doctors. I went to visit him when I heard that he is going through such difficulties. I shared the good news with him and also prayed for him. Now, he is feeling better than before. Now days, he can sleep. In the grace of God Mr. Kal and his wife are attending the church service. I am sharing the word of God and encouraging them to believe in Christ. May God lead them.

Mr. Rajkumar and his two friends came to my house. They were assigned for construction on the road. They came to buy a goat in order to offer it to their gods before they started the construction. They believe that offering such animals protects their works and gives success in their works. It was a great opportunity to share the gospel. I told them that only the creator God is great and there is no other gods. Therefore, everything is in His hand. I told them to believe in Christ who is our true offering for our sin. He was sacrificed on the cross so we could gain eternal life, the eternal protection. It is my prayer that God may bring them in His kingdom according to His will.

Prayer Requests: Please Pray for Mr. Kal for his complete healing and their faith in Christ. Pray for Mr. Rajkumar and his friends. God may bring them in His kingdom. Pray for me and the ministry.


Chandra C.