Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to thank God for His guidance in ministry and also thanks to HeartCry for your great support to extend His kingdom together.

By God’s grace, weekly services and cottage meetings are going well. Believers are growing in the Lord and youths are helping us to strengthen His church. This month, I got the privilege to attend the seminar. Elder Silas and brother Doug taught on Homiletics. In first 4 days, I learned about preaching through the NT. The days 4 days, I learned about preaching through the OT. Brothers taught us three types of sermons;

  1. Topical Sermons.
  2. Textual Sermons.
  3. Expository Sermons.

They focused on how to prepare expository preaching and how to do exegesis. We practiced what was taught by working through the book of Philippians. It was difficult for me. This teaching and workshop helped me to prepare the sermon but it also makes me realize that I must do hard work to prepare the sermon, yet, depending in God’s strength.

We had committee meeting this month. We discussed about personal visiting to believers. We divided teams and areas for visiting and church youths are joining with church leaders. We are happy that God has given such heart to youth to serve Him. May God give them wisdom in encouraging believers in Christ.

This month, Mr. Dilaram has passed away. His wife was a Christian, and already passed away 2 years ago. Mr. Dilaram was not a believer and his sons and daughter in-laws too. But after he died his sons and daughter in-laws were not willing to do his funeral according to Hindu custom. His daughter in-law called us to do his funeral. So we went there and buried him. It was great opportunity for us to share the good news with his family and the people who were gathered in the funeral service. I share about Christ to his daughter in-laws and gave comfort from God’s word. They are now attending the church services. I am praying that they may continue in the services and may believe in Christ. Some new people are coming in the Church. May God lead them to know and believe Him and also God may help us to lead these people in Him.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mr. Dilaram’s daughter in-laws. They are attending the church services. May God lead them to know Him and to believe in Him. Please pray for youths. God may lead them to extend His kingdom with us. Please pray for my wife’s health.


Chandra B.