Dear HeartCry,

We would like to extend our greetings to the Lord’s Servant in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ for always looking to Vietnam and praying for fruit and evangelization. The word of God says that where sin increases, the grace of God is even more abundant. This is our confidence in the present situation in Vietnam where paganism is prevalent. The heretical group that calls themselves

“The Church of God Mother”

is spreading false doctrines to entice more people into their organization. In this situation the true God of the Church must proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ more to bring people back to God. Please pray for us to act so strongly in our hearts to proclaim the gospel of the Lord.

In the last month God gave our family peace. My daughter completed the second semester and she achieved good academic results. In three months I will let her learn English. In recent times, my health has not been good; my limbs are aching, but thanks to God’s help, I feel good in general.

God has helped me over the last month to organize my family work as well as the work of the church. Every night I sing hymns with my wife and daughter to thank God. Pray for our life to the Lord, as family is very important. There is the church too that I ask prayers for. Please HeartCry, remember us.

God bless you,

Chi G.