Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you for faithfully standing with us in prayer, and financially supporting us in the work God has called us too. We are grateful.

Our family is well by God’s grace, and our children are greatly enjoying their summer break; playing outdoors, going to the beach (one of many blessings from living on the coast), watching things grow in the garden, staying up late, and reading lots of books – to name a few highlights. Their happiness is refreshing and a blessing from the Lord. Family is a sacred gift, a priceless treasure.

 One very difficult situation we have been facing over the past several months is the fall of a close friend and fellow minister. This came through prolonged issues in his marriage and family life. His selfishness, pride, anger, and a lack of self-control, has taken him to the place where he has lost his ministry and his family. Walking alongside them through this has been heavy on our hearts and very painful at times. Many lessons have been learned and the Lord has given wonderful help in the midst of difficulty. We pray in hope for genuine repentance and the precious fruit that accompanies it.

 God is faithful and continues to bless and encourage us through His Word. Over the past several weeks, attendance at the church has been strong despite the summer months of traveling. We are excited about having another baptism soon, as well as their being new candidates for church membership.

Please pray. Next week there is a festival being held in our town. For three days, the church will have a table set up with Bibles, DVDs, tracts, and invitations, in an effort to engage our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace the church is growing, and we are so glad to be a part of this local family of faith.

Please pray for the restoration and renewal of the above-mentioned family, for the salvation of the lost in our surrounding area, and for the sanctification of the local believers.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Sippley