Dear brothers and sisters of HeartCry, 

How are you all? We are in the Deep South of Italy for some days of vacation. We are staying in a B&B of believers who want to do church planting. So we are helping them with encouragement and preaching. There are so many towns and villages with no believers that have never been touched by the gospel. 

Our daughter Lisa is at home studying for some Medical School exams in August. She wants to become doctor. It is a big task, but there is a great need of Christian doctors in Italy too… Please pray for her.

I am very encouraged by the members of our church “Sola Grazia” (Grace Alone) in Mantova because since my co-pastor Alan went back to Northern Ireland they have stepped up to serve the body of Christ even more. They are all doing a great work at home while I am away. So I praise God for them.

Last month (June), fifty people attended our first Biblical Counseling Training Course with Don Roy, Jerry Marcellino and Lee Walti. The entire course will last for two years. There is no other course like this in Italy!  

I have recently had a visit from brother Rick Denham (9Marks and Fiel Ministry) and his family. It has been so good to talk to him about how to develop our “Coram Deo” (Latin: In the presence of God) book-publishing ministry. Rick is a dear brother and a long time close friend. In September we will be publishing new titles in Italian.  

Prayer Subjects

  • Pray that the Lord will send us the spiritual laborers or servants for the ministry.
  • Pray for the growth of the church and new converts. Our ministry has been busy reaching out, but I have to say that there is very hard soil and slow progress. Probably I need to pray much more!
  • Pray that the Lord would raise up new elders at Sola Grazia church. This is a new era for our church and we want to develop in the right direction. Pray for Simona Antonino, our new Coram Deo treasurer and accountant.
  • Pray for our faithfulness and courage to keep going.
  • Pray for our church’s youth group.

Special Note

October 2018 is our 25th year in the ministry. Also in 2007, we were called to establish the first Reformed publishing house in Italy and a church planting work. It has been a massive work. We do praise God because books, conferences, mp3, videos, and articles have been made available in Italy. Also we have had many visits from great preachers from the UK and USA. They have preached all around Italy for so many years and it has had an impact. We always marvel to see what the Lord has done, and we are even more surprised that He still wants to use us for His kingdom. 

Missing and praying for you always. 

Andrea and Emanuela Artioli