I would love to give my best regards and love to you, all friends and supporters in HeartCry. May grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our church meets regularly, however, there are still some families that absented from the church worship on Sundays. I went to their house to encourage them that time for God should be the first priority. Most believers are farmers and constantly face difficulties in finance so that may explain why. I sympathize with their struggle and give prayers for them.

These families are overall young people and the older members keep going to church regularly. They are all old and cannot do heavy jobs that can barely help them live through the days. I tried my best to help them somehow, as they are so faithful despite the difficulties.

I also care for a young family in the church. Now they have a baby and the husband is the only workforce in the family. The father has to work far from home sometimes, so both mother and the child could not come to us. I have visited the family in the afternoon, taught God’s Word, and prayed for them. Hopefully, in the coming time, our church can do something to help them find a new stable house. Please pray for this young family.

Evangelism was a struggle for me last month. I met and told Gospel to many people, but none of them showed interest. I prayed to God to help me find more ways to do this. I prayed that God would show His love for my people, who are obsessed with this world’s idols and money, influenced by religions. Sometimes I feel so discouraged. Please add more prayers for us in the missionary. Though how hard it may be, I have to be persistent in studying more God’s Word, so I could be a better leader and teacher in the church and a real-life example of God’s grace on my life to many others.

I cannot thank enough for your meaningful help and prayers for us in the missionary. I hope this report could somehow encourage you with your missionary. Please keep praying for us in Vietnam and hopefully, we would have good news for you next month.

Faithfully yours, Due H.(a pen name is used for protection)