Paul Snider helps with oversight for HeartCry in the jungle of Papua. The following is a request asking for prayers from Trevor.

Update: The sick child from Fuao village just passed away a few minutes ago. She was too sick and too far interior so that by the time the child was transported out to the city to help, she was too sick to recover. And help here is often not very advanced. This was the daughter of one of the teachers we are supporting in the Mamberamo region, Albertina who is teaching in Fuau village. Instead of teaching in a city or on the coast, she chose to teach these remote village kids where healthcare access is hard to get.

Paul in the US [is] probably suffering from dengue. I have been sick for two weeks. Perin [supported by HeartCry] is on the coast in Sentani because the doctor told her she’d die if she returned to Danowage right now because she is so run-down. And now this death of Albertina’s child. Interior Papuan ministy takes a very real toll. Pray for the family and for all those who serve the interior villages of Papua.