(For security a pen name is used for the pastor and names and locations are abbreviated)

Dear friends and supporters,

Our family would love to send you, all our friends and supporters in HeartCry, our love of Jesus Christ. May God’s grace and peace be with you in abundance.

I am so grateful to God, throughout a long month, my wife and children have been kept in good health and peace. I am thankful to God, in the previous month I was encouraged by God’s Word in Ephesians 3:1-6. However it may be, I am faithful in preaching the Gospel, as I know the pursuit of my life is for the Kingdom of God. Because of that reason, I accept all the difficulties when taking the mission of yielding God’s Word as the greatest grace for all mankind. To accomplish this mission I find the need to accept the anguish, as long as I am still a faithful follower of Christ and a preacher announcing the Good News for my fellow in Vietnam. I desire one day my people could know of God’s marvelous grace through Christ Jesus, which is the promise to save whoever believes in Him and let us see Him again at the end of this world as children of God.

In May, I went preaching in four villages. On the 22nd, I visited and prayed for Mr. C. and Mrs. K. They are people from a minor tribal group and cannot speak Vietnamese so I had to have a translator. I am thankful to God they are very glad to have brothers and sisters in Christ coming to visit them. They said goodbye to us with such humble hearts.

On the 25th I visited and taught Bible in another location. I am so thankful because there were very old people with us in the class, the youth and children also. We had a great meal together. People were so encouraged and I am so thankful to God for that. They really wanted me to visit them more often. If it were not for the 300km long road, I would have visited them more often rather than only once a month.

On 26th, I also visited and prayed for Ms. B., who is suffering from cancer. Now she is in the hospital for the treatment. I am thankful for what she said to us, that in catastrophe she still feel the love of brothers and sisters in Christ for her. We are giving prayers for God’s healing and comfort with her in these days.

I hope that this information will somehow encourage you, friends and supporters who are continually helping us. As always, your supporting is really meaningful to us. Please keep praying for our ministry in Viet Nam. Hopefully, we will have better and better news in the next monthly report.

Yours faithfully, Giang T.