In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well. In the grace of God we are constructing a building for Sunday school. The children were having fellowship in the church’s kitchen room. The place was congested. Because of this we decided to make a small hall for Sunday school. We are going to finished it. Thanks to God for supplying our needs.  

In this month I visited Mrs. Chandra. Mrs. Chandra was willing to have baptism in the last program, but we did not give her baptism because she didn’t give evidence that she was saved. Therefore, my wife and I went to visit her. We encouraged her to keep faith in the Lord and trust Him- because only Christ can give eternal life. She seems to be growing her knowledge and is still willing to be baptized in time. May God help her to believe in Him.

In this month, one of our believers, Mrs. Sita got sick. She has mental problems. She is nearby my house. Sita use to run away from home and couldn’t sleep at night. So I brought her into our house and prayed for her. I counseled her from God’s Word and gave her medicine. In God’s grace she has recovered. Praise the Lord for His grace in her life and healing.

I am studying the book

“The Truth about Man.”

From chapter 1, I learned that God created all things according to His plan for His glory. God made man in His own image. He made every this out of nothing. It shows that God is sovereign in all things. I would like to praise God for His wonderful works.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mrs. Chandra’s health and also for her baptism. Pray for other believers who are willing to have baptism. God may guide them to Know Him and may believe in Him. Please pray for Sita’s health and her life in Christ. Pray for my life and ministry.


Tul B.