Praise God for the life that we find in His word! Matthew 4:4 is one of the first verses that every Christian learns, but through the years we’ve found out that it is not just a nice principle but one of the most awesome and indescribable sources of life and truth that we are able to have. With time, we start to understand more and more the value of the treasure that God graciously gave us.

In the light of that, we want to share that since we started our church discipleship program in three languages, our church is rejoicing and rejoicing in the depths and wonders of God’s word. In September we studied the Trinity, and in October everybody is raising questions and thinking more deeply about God’s word and apologetics. God is becoming more beautiful and worthy in our church’s understanding!

Praise God as He continues blessing us with direction about how to lead a trilingual church. We are full of joy and sometimes it seems like a natural thing, but we know that is the precious grace of God that holds everything together. We need Him for everything.

Please pray for Linda, she is a Peruvian mother who visited our service last Sunday. She came with her three children and shared with us that God spoke to her heart to find a church so she can know him. She said this was the reason why she woke up early in the morning and decided to find our church. Praise the Holy Spirit for his mercy and grace that still leads and convicts people, even Peruvians in Japan, to come to repentance and reconciliation.

This month the Lord placed in our hearts to find an orphanage that we can assist in Japan. Our first option is to find a Christian orphanage, but right now we don’t know where can we find one, what way we can help, or what are their needs. So please help us to pray so God will lead us to the right place that can give us the privilege of helping.

This month we are planning to clean the streets of the city and pray walking on the streets for Japan. Please join us in prayer so this city is blessed with salvation when they surrender to our God.


Praise God that someday in heaven we will be together without the language barrier that is challenging us but also blessing us to grow personally and as a church in different ways.

Praise God because this October we celebrated ten years in Japan! We thank God for unveiling His precious will in our lives. We look forward now to being able to apply for a permanent resident permit and the opportunities this opens up.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Linda. She asked us to pray so all her family will have the same desire to know and learn about our Lord. Please pray for her and her family’s salvation.

Please pray for our next gospel preaching events. In October we will have a children’s play about why God sent the flood, and in November we will have the Thanksgiving outreach where we will thank our Lord for saving us and preach again the gospel in Spanish, English, and Japanese.

Please pray so God helps us to wait in His time and for the finances so we can visit after six years our family in Peru.

God bless you!

Luis, Nicola, Rohan, Lorien and Erendir