On August 11th we had baptisms in our church. Two ladies were baptized. This event was a true celebration for our church. The church fulfilled the commandment of Christ by participating in communion, followed by a time of fellowship for the believers during lunch. We also had visitors from the church of Isil’kul (where Eugene M. pastors). There were also unbelievers who came to our event.

At this time I am back to my regular responsibilities at church. I began preaching from chapter 31 of 2 Chronicles. I find this text no less useful than any other. From the example of Hezekiah God is teaching us about biblical principles upon which any ministry of serving Him in the house of the Lord must be based which will lead to success of the people. I am grateful that God helps me see these truths and what’s more important lets me apply these truths in life. May all the glory belong to him alone. I will be preaching more than usual this month. This is because of my plans to travel quite a bit:

First of all, I am going to Samara again for my Biblical Counseling training session October 8-18. I find that the counseling courses are especially good. They are extremely helpful in performing my duties in my ministry. 

Another travel arrangement I have on my calendar is a trip to Southern Kazakhstan. The leaders I visited before want me to come again and do a theology class. This is something they are seeking to be better rooted in. They want me to come with my whole family. Last time when I came the classes were only for men. This time they want the fellowship to be for men and their wives as well. 

During my last meeting with this group, it was mentioned that apart from theology they also would like to take a class in sermon composition. Many of them confessed that after the seminar, they came to realize that they have been preaching just mere fragments of text and not explaining what is written in Scripture. It was when they were faced with the homework that many questions began arising. This is why I am planning 2 phases in my approach to this teaching opportunity. First of all, there will be a theology class for everyone who would like to attend, and secondly, expository preaching class for the men. There is still much work to be done. This matter is already settled with the leaders at the church, they want me to go there with this mission. We are planning to make a preliminary trip with the family during kids’ fall school break at the beginning of November, just to try things out, see how everything will work.

Taking into account all these plans I believe it is my greatest priority right now to devote myself to preparing my sermons so that my travels do not take away from the spiritual atmosphere of the church here as a whole. Please pray for us. May the grace of Christ be with you.