Beloved brothers and sisters, I want to inform you with regard to the fruit that is coming through the proclamation of the Gospel. People are coming under conviction of their sin and are wanting to know God. One Thursday, after a prayer meeting at the church, two young men approached me from outside the church building to tell me of their desire to follow Christ. One of the brothers of the church had faithfully shared the Gospel with them, and they came to the church that night as a result of the conviction of their own sins. They were looking for me out of a desire to know more about the way of salvation. Currently, both of these men are attending the church with their families and I am instructing them personally in the Word.

That same night, while I was talking with these two young men, another man approached on a motorcycle and called me over to speak with him. I was greatly surprised when I began listening to this man tell me the same as the other two before him! That is, he told me he also wanted to follow Jesus. He was full of despair and hopelessness and he was asking me what else he must do to be saved. He told me he had already asked God for forgiveness for his sins and now he wanted to know God. In response to this young man’s question, I told him that his repentance must be genuine, and that he also must sincerely believe that the blood of Christ is able to cleanse us from all our sins. I told him to trust in the Lord and in His promise to forgive even the vilest sinner.

Today all three of these men are meeting with me regularly as I lead them in the study of the Bible. They are attending these studies with great eagerness and joy. Please, pray for Deivi and his wife, Gino and his wife, and Adrian and his wife. These men must grow in faith and teach their families in the knowledge of the Lord.