First, I thank God for His wonderful work in my life and in my ministry. I am grateful to be part of HC. I would like to thank you for your support to my family and to my ministry for the past two months. Your help enabled me to serve the Lord with more effectiveness, to give more time to the Gospel ministry and to put every effort in building biblical church, and, of course, to educate my oldest son from this year. Moreover, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for the new motorbike. I really appreciate it.

We recently welcome our third baby boy, Barnabas. He is a gift from the Lord. Please pray for our family.

I continue to preach the Gospel to unbelieving friends in my village including a chief of animists while shepherding my church members. Please pray for their salvation. Some people from nearby villages are regularly visiting me, and I am visiting them too, which has been a chance for me to preach the good news to them. Young people from my church have shown stronger desire in studying the word of God. Thank God that I have been able to preach, teach and evangelize more than I was in past years. Thank you very much for your partnership in this ministry.

Yours in Christ, Yi Cho