Kwenda Kwenda is pastor of Choma Central Baptist Church in southern Zambia.  He also has opportunity to preach regularly on a local radio station.  In this report, Kwenda tells about meeting one of his listeners.

“As I was out inviting folks in the community to Easter guest services, I made a visit to the Tembo’s home. The wife attended our church meeting once, but Mr. Tembo remained behind. I visited them a second time and had a chat with Mrs. Tembo, explaining who we are as a church. Another week I made a follow up and only found Mr. Tembo. He offered me a seat and we got talking and he explained why he didn’t come with his wife. We talked for a long time. Then he said, “You know, I am a very keen follower of the preaching you do on radio. Your preaching really inspires me.” In his own words, he said, “Your messages flow. Not like these other prosperity things.” I did not know that he was a keen follower until he brought the news to my ears. This was quite encouraging I must say. Mr. Tembo is retired and is struggling with his eyesight. Please remember him in prayer, for his physical and spiritual sight.

Much of our outreach in April is centered around Easter. It helped me interact with the Tembo family, as well as a young man by the name of Ndanji. Ndanji has professed Christ. He has a Jehovah’s Witness background. I am currently having Bible studies with him. He has not yet visited the church. I am praying he does so soon. Will you join me in prayer? Please keep praying for the radio ministry also to have a great impact on the community. It seems the preaching on the radio is helping the community recognize that not every church is health and wealth centered.”