I give thanks to the Lord for all my brothers and sisters in Christ on the team in M—- who have been constantly supporting me in prayer. I am thankful as well for the Lord’s ministry through HeartCry that never grows weary and tired to lift my ministry up in prayer.

Praise be to God’s name because He continues to reveal His glorious work through my ministry in the village where I live. I am extremely grateful for the great work of our precious Lord in the lives of Pamit and Minta. They continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit to grow in the knowledge of God’s truth and grow in Christ. Praise the Lord for Pamit and Minta’s deep desire to be baptized last month. Pray for their faith to grow more in the grace of God and in the true knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray also that they will continue to be sustained by the Holy Spirit to boldly proclaim their faith among their extended families and friends in their village.

By God’s grace, I was also given a divine appointment to meet and get to know someone from another village named Pak Alvin. We had an unplanned encounter on a public transportation minibus. Long story short, through our conversation I found out that Pak Alvin had actually heard many Gospel stories through our late sister Siti when she was still alive. Pak Alvin had many questions about the Christian faith and what the Gospel teaches about Jesus Christ. Pray for the Lord to give me the opportunity, boldness, and faithfulness to speak more in depth about the Gospel to Pak Alvin and his family when I visit their village. Pray also that the Gospel message will be spread widely and known in my village, especially to my neighbors who live close to my home and to those that have heard the testimony of my faith in Jesus Christ as my only Lord and Savior!

Due to various events and circumstances that our sovereign God has brought about in my ministry, I think there’s a great need to be more involved in assisting people spiritually, especially those who are sick. Sick people need to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith so that through their suffering and illness the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified and honored. I recently met with two of the Lord’s servants who have a serious illness, but in their great suffering and weakness they remain faithful and full of zeal to proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ; this is a zeal that only comes from God’s powerful spirit (2 Corinthians 12:9 and Philippians 1:20). What a great God and beautiful testimony of His faithfulness! Pray for the need to better spiritually assist the sick; this will be a wonderful blessing to Christians and will be used greatly by God to bring salvation to Muslim people.

I praise the Lord for the constant support, prayer, and funds from my brothers and sisters in Christ in M—- and through HeartCry’s ministry. Here are some of my prayer requests:

  1. The treatment of Ibu Marvin’s eyes; she just had eye surgery recently.
  2. Ibu Irwin has a mental disorder and depression; pray she experiences God’s peace and healing in her soul.
  3. Constant prayer support for Ibu Narnia who is currently sick. She is in great need of spiritual assistance in Banjarmasin because her family still does not believe.
  4. Pray for Minta and Pamit who were just baptized last month; pray that they grow spiritually in their faith in Christ.