Dear Supporters,

I greet you in the name of Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am very thankful for your unceasing support though I have never seen you. Your love and passion for missions the very reason that you hold the rope for us. Thank you for your prayer and also financial support. I just want to present what we have done in the ministry for this past two months.

We continue on our soul winning to the Dawei people but the people here already recognize us as Christians and it is getting harder. We invite the children and teach them of their school subjects, we also teach them songs. There about 20 children and through teaching kids slowly we share the gospel to them and also reach their parents. We also went to villages which we never been before and share the gospel house to house and give out gospel tracts. There was one police man who come to us and very interested about Christianity. And every week we continue on sharing the word of God to him, we pray that he will trust the Lord eventually.

Blessings, Peter Mang