Warm greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine and I hope that you all are fine too. This is my ministry report of this month. In God’s sovereignty the worship services and cottage meetings are going well. The believers are growing in the Lord.

In this month, I and one of our church brothers went to visit Mrs Sapana. She was sick. We comforted her from God’s words and prayed for her. Her mother was there to visit her. I shared the gospel and told that God is a creator and he loves His children. Because of this, He sent His only begotten son to forgive our sin and to give us salvation. Those who believe in Him will have eternal life and those who will not believe in Him will have eternal death. It was wonderful time to share good news to her. God may open her heart and may come to the saving faith.

In this month, I and my wife went to visit Mrs. Sangita at the rehabilitation centre. Sangaita is a daughter of Mrs. Humakala Thapa who passed away on March. Sangita has mental problem. Because of her health; her husband left her. She has 2 daughters. We encouraged her from God’s words. We told her to read the Bible and pray to God. She said that when she gets well, she will, but right now she has mental problems and cannot read and pray. We prayed for her and comforted her from God’s word. God may keep her in good health and so she may worship Him with her mind.

 In the grace of God we are constructing a Sunday school hall. Thanks God for providing our needs. Please pray that we may finish it soon.

Thanks God for His love and guiding me to do His works. Also thanks to HeartCry for your support and prayer. God may bless you. You are in my prayer.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Sapana’s health and her mother also may come in the Lord. Please pray for Sangita that God may recover her pain and also may have good health and may believe God more and more. Please pray for my son Mr. Samuel that he may live according to God’s words.

Tul B.