I would like to give thanks to God for His guidance to do His ministry. As I had mentioned about Mrs. Gaumati, she is continuing the fellowship. We are telling about man’s sin and the work of Christ. She is happy and thankful to God even in difficulties. Mrs. Gaumati is suffering because of her faith in Christ. Her son went to India to earn money. In that time her daughter in-law locked the house and went to her mother’s home. Gaumati was out of her home and she was taking shelter in her relative’s house. We counseled her and encouraging her to keep faith in Christ. In the response Gaumati is happy in the Lord. God may protect her and also her son and daughter in-law may come to saving faith.

I had met with Mr. Pratap in the market. I shared gospel to him. After spending few times he asked me the time of the ending of the world. I told him that only God knows the end of the world. It was wonderful time to share gospel, but he is Hindu orthodox. God may bring him in His kingdom.

In the grace of God I had received the book called

“Living by the Book”

This book is hard for me to understand but the things which I understand and is very helpful for me to grow in Christ and for His ministry. I am reading, God may help me to understand His words.

Once again thanks to God for His grace and mercy. Also thanks to HeartCry for your prayers and support. God bless you.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mrs. Gaumati. She may stand in her faith. Please pray for Pratap. He may understand God’s words and may believe in Him. Please pray for my health and the ministry I am doing.


Sannu K.