Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the month of May God has given us the opportunity to organize a ladies meeting. It was led by my wife. In that meeting my wife taught about spiritual and family growth. We then prayed for growth. In that meeting, there were around 15 women.                                                                        

We praise the Lord for the encourage and answered prayer for Mrs. Chobay. She has been participating in the fellowship for the last three years. This lady was suffering from depression and sugar for the last five years. She has been taking medicine for many years. We shared the good news with her and she started to believe in the Lord and began attending the Sunday fellowship. After that she started to participated in all the church activities and started doing prayer for all the concerns. Later, God has given the answers of her prayer and healed her. At the present time she is completely fine and not having any health problems. May the family members of Mrs. Chobay accept Christ and be the part of God witness.

Please pray for: Sarita is having major health issue pray for her recovery. Chaman is very addicted to alcohol, due to it his family is disturbed, pray for God guidance in his heart and that his family may become God-fearing family.

Thank you

Seth S.