Dear Brother and Sister,

Greetings to you in the name of Christ. I always remember you in my prayers, I hope you all are fine. I am very thankful to you for your support and prayers.

In the month of May I and my wife visited brother the Singh family, and we had a cottage prayer meeting with them. Around eight people attended the prayer meeting.

In Badsha bag there is one brother Ram whom we visited and had fellowship with. And in that place, there was also one sister Mamta. Her elder son Jolli is having fits problem. Pray for his recovery.

There is one brother Prem, he is our church member. He regularly attends the church activities and now a days he is very sick. His treatment is going on and he was admitted to the hospital. I visited him in the hospital and prayed for him.

I also visited my village and shared the gospel with four families. I had the privilege to be a witness to one government office through the help of Brother David, as he works there.

In another village I visited Ramesh and Ninay house and shared the gospel with them. Both of the families responded nicely and opened their house for future visits. Pray for both the families they may grow in Christ.

My daughter Aradhna, doing General Nursing training. She is now in her last year, from the last two months she is sick, her back bone gives lots of pain to her near her neck. My family is going through lots of financial problem; I don’t have money to pay the fees of her. Please pray for all these concern.

In the month of May we have done cottage prayer meeting in the house of brother Davis. We shared the gospel with his family.

Please pray for these needs

Thank You

Silas M.