Something strange has been happening here in San Rafael and La Libertad. Many people including young people, adults, and senior adults, are getting sick and dying. In many of these cases we are visiting these people and sharing the gospel with them. Many of them are making professions of faith shortly before dying. Some of these people had previously strongly opposed the gospel. Although they were Catholic, neither the priests nor the nuns went to visit them because they lived out in the country. In the case of many of these people, we had preached the gospel to them for a long time but to no avail. However, at the end of their lives they called for us to return and preach to them again. I can see how the Lord has been at work in the hearts of these people.

On April 12, sister Ernestina died at the age of 75. She was a very faithful sister in the Lord. She had a good testimony in the community and almost the whole town came to her visitation and funeral. Her family members included important local authorities like the provincial mayor, city councilmen, and journalists. They asked us to lead a service the two days and nights of her visitation. We are thankful to the Lord for the time that the sister was a member of our church and for her good testimony.