Jorge Marsano On His Motorcycle In Oxapampa

“Although this month had its share of trials and sadness for me and my family, it was not at all absent of the Lord’s help en evangelism. He does His work by His Holy Spirit in the hearts of people that have heard the gospel of salvation and of the only Savior, Christ Jesus. I recognize that apart from the grace of God working by His Spirit, there could be no advancement in evangelism. Personally, I don’t find it difficult to converse with whoever I come across, but I do find it difficult—no, impossible!—to convince anyone to recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior. This is not only because of their intellectual resistance but because of their hardness of heart. 

The working of God’s Spirit in salvation is mysterious and perfect. Sometimes He saves the person that, at the beginning of the conversation, did not at all want to listen to me. Other times, the person who listens to me the whole time He does not save. Sometimes He saves the person that refused to listen to me but later listened to another Christian that spoke to them about the gospel. Glory to God for this! Salvation is of the Lord!

Regarding the advances this month in the ministry, I was able to speak more with Joshi and Jhon about the gospel. They work in the stable that is near my house. Please, I ask you to join me in praying for them, that they would repent of their sins and confess the Savior. I will continue speaking with them.

I was also able to meet a couple that owns a different stable nearby. I have met with them twice to explain to them what true Christianity is in contrast with Roman Catholicism. Each time I’ve spoken with them they have paid close attention and we have begun to develop a friendship. I have also taken them some gospel tracts with Bible verses to reinforce the things that I have spoken to them about. This month I will continue visiting them and reminding them of the urgent need to be made right before God since the day of the Lord is drawing near. Please, pray for this couple.

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Gospel Fervency

Gospel Fervency