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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in His name. While the year 2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest years so far, God has remained faithful. Thank you all for your prayers.

If I were to record all the disturbing details, things are looking pretty grim in our country right now. The level of human depravity is going beyond any human comprehension. There is now a public outcry against the atrocities that are taking place against the minorities. If our country is being spared from immediate destruction, it is because of God’s immense grace and his providential restraint on sin. Please for India that God may keep us and make us wise, and that we would continue to minister to people in the midst of chaos, confusion, and hatred. 

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On the brighter side of the report, we have now taken 4 students in our church-based training program. In our previous report, we mentioned that we went to a village where Pastor Yehoshua ministers. Now, we have a young man from brother Yehoshua’s church, and also another young man from the neighboring village. There are now several students gathering together Monday through Friday each morning from 10 am to 1 pm. I have been currently teaching them soteriology and ecclesiology.  They now have the opportunity to be with us and observe all that we do in the ministry. Please pray that these brothers. May they be equipped and strengthened to be ministers of the gospel in the years to come. Pray for us that we may guide them in the right path. 

As a result of our continued evangelistic efforts among the visitors within the church, there are a few who are showing a desire to follow Christ. Please pray that God Almighty may transform their hearts and give them the gifts of faith and repentance. It is our hope and prayer that they may soon be baptized and become members of the church.

Please pray for the unmarried in our church. Many in our church live in very challenging and complex situations. The societal rules and traditions virtually make it impossible for them to meet their future spouses. On top of that, we have casteism. Many singles, if they were to be married, would have to pay a hefty price to be a follower of Jesus. Sometimes, they are literally disowned by their families and relatives, which can be a high cost for those who live in an ‘honor and shame’ culture. Please pray that the singles in our church may be bold and balanced. Pray that God may grant them godly spouses.    

Also please pray for me that I may study well at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary and finish my MA successfully in the next few years. With a myriad of other things to do, doing a theological course can be extremely challenging. So, I urge you to pray for me.