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HeartCry missionary Danut Opris has asked us to remember the following in prayer: Please pray for us for wisdom in talking to the people on the phone or on the internet. Also, please pray for boldness in preaching the Gospel to the people in our town and for those we shared the Gospel with this month. Pray for a man who I explained what repentance was and for another man who used to be a church member and has a hardened heart.

In this month’s update, Danut shares some of the ministerial endeavors that he had opportunity to engage in:

Every Thursday, the members of Hope Church are invited to join us as we conduct evangelistic outreach in our town. We make teams and go through different places, sharing the Gospel with several people that come outside their courtyard gate to listen to our message. Some stopped washing their carpet to listen to the Word. They even answered our questions. We gave them books with the Gospel of John and they said they would read them.

We were also able to talk with a young man who had a bad opinion about some religious leaders. I told him that this shouldn’t prevent him from seeking God. I also mentioned what God wanted from him. He said he believed in God which I told him was a good thing. But I also said that God wanted to come into his life and to change him. We also shared a personal testimony with him.

I shared with an adult that I met in the park. He had fought against depression, but now seemed okay. He said he had faith, but prayed to the icons he had bought. So I asked him what was the difference between Jesus and his icons. I also told him that the Savior was alive, while the icons were just a piece of wood. I explained to him what repentance was. I pray that God would work in his life.

One of the church members decided not to be a member of our church anymore which was so painful for me. At a certain point, he wanted to come back, but didn’t repent. We didn’t accept him. He is open to talk to me whenever we meet in town, but he doesn’t realize that he has hardened his heart.

I was more careful with my prayer time this month and spent more time in my prayer room. I believe that God guided me through the Holy Spirit and gave me strength, desire and joy to praise Him and enjoy Him. He guided me to pray for the believers and for a spiritual revival in our town. I prayed, and I keep praying, for the HeartCry leadership, missionaries and donors.

I posted three short videos for the encouragement of the believers from our church and for other churches in our area. I also worked on an evangelistic video that I want to upload in the future.