Dear Brothers and Sisters, Praise our Lord Jesus for enabling us with His Holy Spirit to be joyful in the midst of trials. Praise God because all trials are tests that come sometimes with temptation but always with the opportunity to glorify our God in greater ways than when all is comfort and ease. May the Lord always help us to understand his purposes in the midst of trials. Let us continue growing to the image of our precious Lord who endured trials with joy. (Hebrews 12:2)

We are praising God because his mercy in the recovery of my youngest son after an accident that hospitalized him for some days. We are so blessed to see him now running and getting ready to enter soon to the kindergarten.

In Japan it is hard to find people in need or in poverty, but praise the Lord for giving our church new opportunities outside Japan to assist the needy. Our church has now a team that is working in sending the gospel and donations for children in poverty through a missionary organization.

Presently, to meet as a church with our children, we rent in advance available room at the city office. Every week we meet in different places because the availability of existing rooms is limited, but praise God for giving the church perseverance and because he has blessed us every month to find available rooms to meet. Help us to pray that in the future we will be able to get an alternative place in order to have our congregational meetings in a regular place every Sunday.

Last week I received the request from another Peruvian man asking me to visit him in jail. It is not easy to get that visit permissions so please pray that the authorities at the prison will agree to this petition so I can visit him with the gospel.

God is sending to our congregation Hispanic and Japanese guests this month with a desire to study the bible. Please help us to pray for their salvation and we will communicate clearly the gospel to them. Also please help us to pray so our church will continue sharing God’s word with joy and training the children as the next generation of believers in Japan. We constantly thank you for taking the time to read our updates and praising God together with us and for also praying for us.

All glory to God. Luis Ramirez