Dear Friends,

We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, who died so that we may live for Him. We always remember you in our prayers, so that our fellowship may continue for the glory of God. May His kingdom continue expanding through your prayer and generosity as we wait for His second coming! We missionaries cannot thank you enough for this support, but He who knows us all will reward you.

Do pray for our nation; the recent Garissa attack (media news story) has left Kenya in a mourning mood. It was extremely sad to see more than a hundred and forty dead students brought into the stadium for their families to identify, while quite a number had yet to be found, and many were still in hospitals nursing various injuries. This is a sad moment indeed; many parents are now fearful even to allow their children to leave home for the universities. Streets and supermarkets are not safe either, and not even church buildings on Sundays. Do pray, brothers.

On April 3rd, we hosted a well-attended wedding at our church. The wedding was conducted by Pastor Joseph Mutua from Machakos, and those who attended did not go home spiritually hungry, as Pastor Sam Oluoch preached a powerful sermon from Ephesians 5. The bridegroom is not a member of our church – indeed, he is not yet a Christian – but he insisted that the wedding must be held in our church, due to the relationship that we have built with him. We met him some time ago when passing out tracts, and he started coming to Grace Baptist Church for a period of time, though he has since stopped. When his father was sick and later passed on, we stood with him. Pray for his soul and for that of his new wife.

Several of us from the Reformation Carried Forward by Kenyans (ReCFoK), including Brothers Sam Oluoch and Naphtally Ogallo, recently visited our brothers in Nakuru, where Victor Onduru is leading. It was a happy moment indeed to meet those young graduates, who are looking forward to being taught more about the Gospel of grace. Victor is doing a commendable job there in Nakuru, and it is our prayer that the brothers will officially begin meeting as a church very soon. Victor is a lecturer at a local university and is a real brother in Christ. Pray for this young church plant.

It is our prayer and mission that this Gospel of grace would capture every city in this country and even beyond for the glory of Him who sent us. This is possible because the Lord has brought you on board in order to expand His Kingdom. Please pray for HeartCry and for the task ahead.

Paul, Seline, and the children