Celebrating Reformation Day

It was good to have about 30 evangelists and pastors get together on the Reformation Day (October 31). We had planned to share the life of Martin Luther and explain briefly about the Five Solas. A pastor friend (Moses E.) spoke about the life of Dr. Martin Luther, who posted 95 theses on the church wall of Wittenberg, Germany. The pastor also explained “Sola Scriptura” and basically shared “We as leaders must get back to the Bible.”

I spoke on the point of “Sola Deo Gloria—For God’s glory alone,” that we as leaders should make a point to teach, preach, and lead the church to bring glory to our God alone and not to any human system or group of people, for we learn from the Reformers that they sought God’s glory in their lives and teachings. All the leaders also agreed to gather together to learn and grow in the Word through seminars in the future. Experienced pastors are welcomed to visit us for this ministry.

Sharing the Gospel With the Women of Sewing Centers

We appointed time with these women, and were able to speak to them about the anemia sickness (what it is, its symptoms, and how we can overcome anemia) and the blood of the Lamb, which cleanses us from all our sins and forgives us, when we ask God to help us. Amy and Seema were the key to this program.

Update on Construction

By God’s grace we are working on building the boundary wall of the land and to put a gate on the main door to the property.

Cluster Seminar

Me and Rakesh went together to participate in a three-day “Linking 2 Learn” meeting. It was a time of fellowship and refreshing together and to learn from the Christian brethren active in helping the poor and needy. The theme of the meetings was related to the Living Water. I was also given opportunity to speak from the Word of God in a morning session.

Different Families in the Fellowship

There have been three new families joining us in fellowship to learn more about the Word. Please pray for their deeper understanding of the Word of God.


Recently we took a 4-hour drive for Seema’s health checkup in a PGI hospital, and we visited with some believers in the area I have known there since 1994. My pastor friend also had called me for preaching on Sunday and to help him administer in the baptism of three adults.

Family and Prayer Points

Both of my children are doing well and growing. Our prayer concern together with them is having an old or new car which can carry us safely and easily to the fields in the nearby villages. It’s getting hard to travel together all four of us on a scooter during rain, cold, and summer season now.

Dear HeartCry friends, we appreciate your love for us and for His ministry.

Yours for His Kingdom,

Ranjit K.