Praise the Lord! My family was invited to take part in a pastor’s family seminar. We spent two full days in the Christian hospital premises learning about the husband-wife relationships and practical issues that build a marriage (i.e. giving time to each other even in the busy schedules, caring for the children in the midst of ministry responsibilities). We watched the “Fireproof” movie together as a special attraction in the evenings. I also did some translation during the conference.

The house construction continues. I’m building three rooms set (two for my family and one for our guests). We often get visitors from the fields which includes missionaries, seminary students, and others who are sick from the fields. Our children’s school will be closer from here, public transportation will be available, present monthly rent expenses will be cut, and we’ll have room to hold a Bible study and prayer group in on Thursdays. We need your prayers for this. Remaining work includes electrical wiring, doors, window glasses, the main door, and paint. Our desire is to move to this house in July end.

We have been studying together Galatians on Sundays in our congregation. This book has blessed us with the teaching of the Gospel of Grace and the gospel of the work. Paul makes it clear that Gospel of works (Law) cannot save us and take us to heaven- but it is the Gospel of Grace that credits righteousness to us.

Please pray for Uncle Mohan and his wife who celebrated 50 year of marriage. We thanked God for their marriage anniversary! After the prayers, we had a cake and dinner with the group!

Pray for our church planting efforts, we have faced troubles due to our involvement in evangelistic activities. Most have no knowledge of the heaven and hell, life and death, blessings and curses. Pray that the Lord would grant wisdom to our hearers.

We thank God for the encouragement, counselling, and Christian fellowship, we are able to offer to our Nepali friends. We have had three families visiting us in the past weeks, for two to three nights each.

Praise the Lord for Anand and Rakesh as they both graduated with a Bachelor of theology. They are energetic men in their own fields; pray that they will run effectively and according to the rule.

Thanks be to God for our children studies, they both have been promoted to the higher classes. Thanks be to God for the providence for them so far.

We appreciate your love, prayers, and help.

Brother in Christ,

Ranjit K.