Take Away from 9Mark Pastoral Conference, Washington DC (Cambodia Report, Chhinho S.) 

First of all I would to thank God and HeartCry for supporting and given me the opportunity to attend this conference. There are many things that I have learned through the readings, reflections and observation at the conference and the weekender time. I am so blessed to see the simplicity of life of pastor Mark Dever, the strong commitment of elders to the congregation and the natural friendliness of love and care relationship of the church members. I have attended many conferences, trainings and workshops with normal people and famous people in the ministry but I never have the opportunity to sit down with them face to face to discuss and heard their advices with the real situation like this.

God has given me through Pastor Mark Dever the opportunity to see a healthy church by observing it activities and then sit down and ask questions, with discussions. We have read and learned from the books but the most important was to see the regular practical activities in the church. What a wonderful time.

Here are the things that I need to change or strengthen to my current ministries when I go back:

  1. I need to be more intentional and deliberate of my time spending separately from the big group with the specific 13 people that I have selected through regularly study the word of God together, fellowship with one another, phone call and retreat once a year with wives.
  2. Preaching expositional to my congregation instead of topical sermons and also implement to all Shalom Churches.
  3. Intentional discipleship – find a few members who I think I can disciple them regularly before I just pick up any one quickly into eldership.
  4. Intentional Cultivation of love and care among my leaders and church members.
  5. Still Dream big but think small.