Signs of Salvation in Two Young Men

The number of people attending church meetings has been good. We are getting more numbers from the young people. This year we recorded 18 of them that attended our National Reformed Baptist Youth Conference, which covered the subject of the Atonement. Among those that had attended the conference were Kelvin and Mutinta.

Kelvin is the third son of the couple from Jehovah’s Witnesses, whom I mentioned in a previous report, that have been meeting with our church. Kelvin has testified about how he knew the scriptures by the head only without knowing Christ. But now ever since he has been coming to our church he has come to truly understand the word of God and to love Christ. He experienced the grace of God in good measure during the conference and all of us are seeing it. Pray for him to be exposed to the means of grace for his spiritual formation.

Mutinta is a new convert professing Christ as Saviour and Lord. He is a two-month-old Christian and we are grateful to God for bringing him into our fellowship. In a brief discussion with him, he shared to me that it was just the Lord that brought him into our fellowship and he is excited with the word of God he is receiving. Please pray for his family whom who are heathens to know Christ. Pray also for me for God’s grace as I plan to visit them soon.

We are also happy to share an answer to prayer from a previous update. Mr. Malupande’s family has now joined him in attending our church meetings.

Schooling with a Purpose

The school construction project is almost finished. We will soon house four classrooms on the church premises. We believe the school will help vulnerable children with some form of education. Our township of Chipulukusu is a high-density residential area with high levels of poverty and illiteracy. Even among the adults in our church, the people that are able to read and write are probably 1 out of 10. 

Most schools in our area have no space for Bible lessons for their pupils in their curriculum. It is in this regard that at our church school is seeking to make a difference. We have engaged all children with Bible lessons in their curriculum every Thursday. We are thankful to God that we have already started seeing good response and commitment from the children. Our hope is that the Lord can build up these children into respectful and responsible children, and that their changed life may spill over to their parents.