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Greetings to you in Jesus’s Name. By the grace of God, we all are doing good and we hope the same with you. We thank God for giving us the desire to serve him faithfully and giving us a burden to teach His Word to others in our fellowship. Though we are facing different challenges in ministry in this pandemic, yet God is graciously bringing people to our fellowship, and putting a desire in the people’s hearts to follow Jesus Christ. We want to thank HeartCry for supporting us financially, along with all supporting hands who are supporting HeartCry and the missionaries around the nations.

Fellowship: So far in our fellowship, we have been studying the Gospel of Mark. However, we have paused it for a while because we are planning to covenant together as a church. Therefore, I started to teach a series covering some of the basic topics like, (1) What is the Gospel, (2) What is a Church, (3) The Ordinances of Church Life, along with the church covenant and statement of faith. We want to go over these foundations things once again so that everyone is on the same page. We hope that God will help us covenant together as a church soon. We are praying for those who come, that they may understand what we are teaching and commit their lives for the Gospel.

I have been continuously visiting those who are attending the church every week. I go for a house visit which gives the opportunity to meet new people. I typically discuss Sunday’s sermon with them, making sure they are grasping the teaching, and then pray for them. I also encourage them to continue to read the bible and share the gospel with their neighbors. 

Pastoral meeting: Every Saturday, I attend a pastor meeting along with other faithful church planters that I know. My sending church hosts and leads this meeting, gathering all the men who have been sent out for continued training and accountability. Currently, we are reading and working through 1 Timothy. This letter is encouraging and has proved to be an incredible help in my pastoral ministry. We also discuss ministry challenges and pray for one another.

EIC (Equipping Indian Churches): Recently, we had an EIC meeting for pastors’ families and an experienced and trustworthy missionary spoke to us about “Developing Spiritual Unity, Romantic Affection, and Intimacy in Marriage.” It was very good. This is a much-needed topic in India. He gave practical examples of how pastors must not neglect his wife, while he is involved in taking care of the church. I praise the Lord for this teaching.

Translation: I started translating “The Disease of the Wealth and Health Gospel” written by Gordon D. Fee. I read this book and was encouraged to tell others why the prosperity Gospel is wrong. Therefore, I am translating this book for our church and the Kannada-speaking world. I hope that in another two months I will complete this translation. 

Prayer points

  • Pray for our fellowship: That we would covenant as a church. Pray for the new people as they attend our fellowship, that they may know the Savior.
  • Pray for me that I may find a person who is interested in church planting.
  • Pray for our family that we may grow in our knowledge of Christ more
  • Pray for the Kannada translation