Uaundja Feature

We finally moved to Otjiwarongo on the 1st of August 2021. My wife and I are well. We have gotten used to the idea that Otjiwarongo is our new home. We are settled, although not in the full sense of the word. We know our way around the place and we have come up with a weekly routine as a family. We are slowly but surely getting there.


Evangelism & Outreach 
Sunday morning we have been doing evangelism with the aim to reach the people who don’t regularly attend church. It has proved to be good so far. We normally drive around and stop at any house where there are people outside and ask if we can share the Gospel with them. Most people are reluctant to let us talk to them, others are willing but busy, and so sometimes we make appointments for another time. When people don’t have time we normally give them a flyer with our information on it and a Gospel tract. When we get the opportunity, we share the Gospel and try to go back to the same people the next Sunday. So far we haven’t had any fruit from that, although we have been able to build relationships with people. 

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Bible Study  
On 22 August we started a Bible Study in the living room of our rented home. It’s been going on since then. We have been doing a series inspired by a devotional book ‘They Met the Lord Jesus.’ I am using the structure of this devotional to do a Bible Study on the same Gospel passages. The aim of the Bible Study is to introduce Jesus through his interactions with certain individuals in the Gospels. So far we have been averaging 5 people in attendance, with some people on and off, but 2 have been consistent. These two have been an encouragement so far, and we are hoping more will join us.

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I meet with brother Junias on Sundays at 9am for discipleship and it has been going well so far. Brother Junias is very committed. He also also joins me later, from 10-12, for evangelism. He has been a source of encouragement in the midst of many discouragements. He came to Otjiwarongo around the same time we came. He was doing baptismal classes with one of our sister churches in Northern Namibia. He had to stop the classes because he was moving here, and so his pastor linked us. We are still to do the baptismal classes, but first I want us to finish going through the discipleship notes.