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Moise Marin is pastor of O Del Si Amenca Church in Bucharest, Romania. He has served the urban Gypsy community for many years. Although he continues to suffer from a debilitating malady, he has been resilient in his shepherding ministry. In his recent update he reports:                                      

I tried to develop a relationship with people that I met lately. I wanted to a cultivate friendship with them to introduce them to the Holy Scriptures. I couldn’t do this very well because after the first lesson they didn’t come for the second, giving me all kinds of excuses. Still, I tried to push them a little bit and managed to do several lessons with five people, two of which came to church once.

We celebrated Harvest Day in Colentina and Fratesti. We attempted to turn this event into an evangelistic one. Thirty two people attended the celebration in Fratesti. We usually have 10-12 people attending in the small church building. We praise the Lord that the people came to hear the gospel.

I approached several new people in the village and put them in touch with the group of believers that come from the church in Giurgiu. My purpose was to expose them to the Scriptures for better understanding and spiritual growth.

We didn’t have good church attendance in Colentina on Harvest Day as only the believers from the church came. We tried to have a good fellowship, using Bible passages to encourage each other in the faith.

I had the opportunity to attend a child dedication service in brother David Vale’s church. It was a good evangelistic opportunity because the family’s relatives attended the church on this occasion. I sought to preach clearly, praying that the Lord would touch their hearts.

I attended a meeting with the HeartCry missionaries. We shared about our needs, had Bible study and prayed for the problems that each mission point is facing.

We continued to meet with the children in the first two weeks of October until we were required not to have such meetings for them any longer due to the pandemic situation.

I was able to met with several people infected with Covid this month. One was our accountant. I met with her to give her our documents. After two days, she sent me a message saying that she had Covid. But the Lord had mercy on me and, fortunately, I had no symptoms over the following three weeks.